App Wrapper: failed No receipt issued, Please try later

Early December App Wrapper failed uploading to the Mac App Store and showed the error: ‘:warning: failed No receipt issued, Please try later.’

Trying to solve the issue myself I ruined my two Developer ID certificates. The conversation with Apple took 12 weeks to solve the certificate issue. Now all signing lights in App Wrapper 4.6 are green but still the error: ‘:warning: failed No receipt issued, Please try later.’

I received an email from Apple about the error (I guess):
ITMS-90303: Unable to Sign - This package doesn’t meet the current code signing requirements. For more information, see the Code Signing and Application Sandboxing Guide at Technical Note 2206 at Specifically, codesign generated the following errors: [ com.pathos.redvsgreen.pkg/Payload/Red vs. resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed]

Is it just faulty Finder information? Where to solve this?

How can I solve this issue. I send an email to Ohanaware but wanted to ask the forum for help too. Thanks!

ps. could this be the issue: ‘The error is from attributes inside your image files.’ PNG images files have meta data which is not allowed? The (RGB) colour profile for example?

Do you use a copyfiles step to put items into your resource folder when building?
One possible quick’n’dirty fix would be to zip all such into one zip file, and unpack that at the other end.
The one zip file would lack a resource fork etc, and may get you over this hump.

Alternatively, run this command "xattr -cr " with the right path over any files you bundle. It should only need doing once.

The error is still there but the app is send to apple and accepted.

If that’s image metadata you could run some EXIF remover tool

This one does a lot of things, removing it is one: