App Wrapper: App Sandbox

I recently buy App Wrapper to send my app to the MAS. It’s a great app!

As anybody now how to manage localised message for File and Folder capability?

how to display a different message depending on user language?

You should always tag @Sam_Rowlands when talking about App Wrapper so he gets notified.


I try to configure App Sandboxing (needed for MAS) and it doesn’t work. I don’t understand what’s wrong

@Sebastien_REMY : please contact Sam Rowlands directly. I don’t think that he is on this forum regularly anymore.


How do you know?

Because when I launch the .App generate by AppWrapper I can’t save data to “Documents” folder

A sandboxed app gets its own private documents folder.
So does the save fail, or can you not see the saved file in your ‘normal’ documents after it has been saved?

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@Jeff_Tullin you can also allow your app to put files on other folder. You need to ask user if he’s ok. My App works fine with Xojo Build. It show the user permission to access Desktop, Document, … folders

The problem came with AppWrapper configuration for MAS. Probably something I don’t understand. I wait for @Sam_Rowlands answer he may be off today for easter. :bell:

Thanks Greg.

Sadly true, this forum just makes me sad and frustrated nowadays. It used to be so vibrant and full of life, then…

Easter, what’s that? lol…

Last time I looked into this, I didn’t have a clear vision on how to do it. I currently still don’t. However it is something that I will add to my list to take another run at.

This is by Apple’s design as @Jeff_Tullin says. With the App Sandbox you can’t just save anywhere. You need to use Open & Save dialogs allowing the user to choose where to save the files and which files to open. There are other techniques for this, but the code I’ve written in the past isn’t compatible with current Xojo, so I know longer offer it.

For product support, it’s best to use the “Contact Ohanaware” function in the product, as I’ll answer those e-mails at my 'puter. Twitter is another way to reach me, if you participate on t’other Xojo forum (which can’t be named here for some reason), I’m there more than I am here.

The way that macOS / iOS provides for that…
…using Xojo doesn’t mean one shouldn’t know (or at least learn about) platform specifics…

To get you started: Google for “Localize Strings in Info.plist”.
So basically you’re adding a localized InfoPlist.strings.

One of the first search results: xcode - How to localise a string inside the iOS info.plist file? - Stack Overflow

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Definitively there I have to consider there is no solution to make an App with Xojo and sale it via the MacAppStore.

I’m very confuse with this morning. I bought a Xojo Licence + some plugins licence (MBS and others) + App Wrapper licence and finally I can’t send my work on the Mac App Store.

I’m considering loosing to much time and money…

Maybe Xojo is not the tool I needed to make my App… maybe I will go back to Xcode and Swift?

It’s a sad period for me…

There is an African proverb that I like

“When you are 10 steps from your goal, if you have already taken 9 steps you have not reached half of your goal.” It’s particularly true this morning :face_holding_back_tears:


Thats wrong, there are a lot of apps build with Xojo in the Mac App Store, including three of mine, all localized in two or more languages and wrapped with AppWrapper.

Why do you think that this is the case? You only have to use a “save as” dialog. Yes, the AppStore is about as pleasant as having a root canal. But at least some things work. And like everyone else you can sell your app on your website.

Xojo comes under a lot of flack.
I won’t get into that here, but that statement is simply incorrect.

I understand you have run into what you consider an issue, have become frustrated, and are deciding that this is a brick wall.
It is not.

In this specific case, neither Xojo nor App Wrapper are ‘at fault’.
One simple option: ship the app in English only, and work on localisation later.
Use a ‘save as’ dialog’
Nothing stopping you.

@Jürg_Otter has linked some useful info, which you would still need to understand when using any other toolset.

If I’m wrong can you explain me how do you mange AppWrapper with the sandboxing event just in English. I use open and save dialog to create sqlite database. And the app build with app wrapper do not allow to create my sqlitedatabase file…

Exception Message: unable to open database file

Exception Error Number: 14

And the localisation probably has to go into the InfoPlist.strings for each lproj folder.

You either have to use Application Support or do a “save as”.

Put it into specialfolder.applicationdata

It’s a solution but the goal is to leave user to save their document where they want

You can do that, but its not the way Apple wants you to go :wink:

Create the database in the sandboxed Application Support Folder - normally users don‘t have to deal directly with a database. Creating it there has the advantage that it is backuped by TimeMachine, moved by MigrationAssistent when user moves to another computer etc. If you allow users to save the database where they want, it ends up in Dropbox, OneDrive, on external drives etc - places not appropiate for a sqlite db….