App Wrapper and "failed to move item from the temporary folder"

I’ve emailed support but I think it’s the middle of the night for them there.
Has anyone else seen this in App Wrapper?
This is the first time ever and now I can’t move past it.I’ve restarted the Mac and I’ve run Disk Utility, first aid.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m virtually stuck.

Can you post the complete error message?

Here is the entire message: “failed Unable to move item from the temporary folder.”

it builds a zip in a temporary location and then moves it to a sub-folder next to the app that is being signed and notarized.
It does build the zip in the temporary location.
It does build the sub-folder.
So I don’t know if it’s tripping with moving it out of the temp folder or into the new folder.

Sam’s great though, and I’m sure he’ll respond with a solution when it’s daylight there. Just hoping to resolve it now for a customer who needs a build.

Alrighty, finally got a moment to eat breakfast. But not at my work puter.

IIRC, I explicitly ask for the temporary folder on the same volume as the destination folder, otherwise the move won’t work. I do this to stop iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive and any other friking file sharing service from interfering.

Without seeing your logs (because different computer), my guess would be that its giving me a temporary folder on a different volume. What can you tell me about where the destination is?

There may also not be an error message from the Apple API as it might be a really old API. A lot of the Swift equivalents are more communicative with errors, but I honestly have no idea how to access Swift API with Xojo and at this point, I’m not going to try.

Morning Sam
Same volume
No iCloud or anything like that.
Here’s the kicker: other projects are working fine.
I can’t understand this.

If you look at the wrapping log, it should tell you where it created the Zip file, and no the path ain’t an easy one to figure out. But from here, you should be to manually move it.

Is this only happens for one project… What’s the name of the app?

It opens the temp folder when it can’t move the file out.

Ha… I forgot I did that.

So I looked at your log and found the problem.

/var/folders/zr/mp7szfxd4h10lgswmgcnkn_c0000gn/T/TemporaryItems/NSIRD_App Wrapper 4_mR8rxP/Nix Print Pro 2023.12.13\

See that “\n” before .zip. That’s an escaped endofline character. I think it must in the version number.

If you enable "Make websafe and replace the unsafe characters with a “_” it should solve it.

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I’ll try. Funny that it never happened before.

Looking at the AW data file, I don’t see that AW is injecting anything in the archive name (I can always be wrong). If this only occurs for this one project, I would think that the version number in the Xojo IDE has an endofline at the end. Try clicking into the field and pressing the down arrow to see if it scrolls.

it did not, but I retyped all the version number fields anyway and now it’s working.
Thanks, Sam!