App Wrapper 4.2 now available for macOS Big Sur with 22 new features, fixes and improvements

Ohanaware Co., Ltd. are very proud to announce the immediate release of App Wrapper 4.2. An update to their popular premium post-build processor for the macOS. This release resolves some issues, provides more options and improves App Wrapper accessibility.

Since 2011 Ohanaware have been developing their premium post-build processor, aiding developers to process their applications for Apple’s App Store and Apple’s Notarization process. Version 4.0 is the fourth re-write of the product, taking everything that Ohanaware have learned in the last 9 years and re-employing that knowledge to create a modern, more assistive, more discoverable, more capable and importantly, more expandable product for todays post-build requirements.

New Features of App Wrapper 4.2

  • Notarization History for a Apple Submission Account
  • Option to disable architecture stripping for website.
  • Option to control document Quarantine.
  • Option to create executable files from the App Sandbox.
  • Reports Symbolic Links that use an Absolute paths.
  • Edit → Paste And Match Style for About Box Credits.
  • Checking now reports misc files in “Contents” folder.
  • Improvements when “Increase Contrast” is enabled.
  • Added sign-up to the Ohanaware mailing list.
  • Usage messages not in Apple’s docs.
  • Option to draw Pin Stripes in window backgrounds.
  • Full Color Icons option for sidebar and some toolbars.
  • Option to tint the sidebar like Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Option to disable animation for App Wrapper only.

Issues resolved

  • DMG code signing is working again.
  • DMG Conversion is working again.
  • Last log is now correctly saved.
  • Xojo script no longer reports Unnotarized Developer ID.
  • View - “Current Wrapping Log” works again.
  • Process icon is not visible in Package Upload mode
  • No longer rejects a Zipped app without icon…
  • Fixed bug with icon creator false positives.
  • Fixed bug with LSHanderRank using display name.
  • Fixed bug when entering in serial, would skip a field.
  • Checking function no longer stumbles on .a files.


  • When permission reset fails, captures the error code.
  • Options button now next to code signing header.
  • Choose which app for manually Notarizing a DMG.
  • Permissions Reset now copes with 1000s of files.
  • Option-click an architecture selects only that arch.
  • Option-click an archive format selects only that format.
  • Apps missing CFBundleName can now be wrapped.
  • Improved more consistent animation system.

App Wrapper 4.2 was built with Xojo in conjunction with the Ohanaware App Kit, and wrapped with App Wrapper 4.2.


  • macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra, macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.15 Catalina or macOS 11.0 Big Sur.
  • 8GB of RAM.
  • 50MB of disk space.
  • Xcode 10 or newer.

Pricing and Availability

App Wrapper 4.2 is available today from the Ohanaware Website. App Wrapper 4.2 offers a no-obligation 14 Day trial. The RRP of App Wrapper 4.2 is $49.99 (USD) for a single user 1-Year Update Plan. Customers with a valid Update Plan can upgrade to App Wrapper 4.2 with no additional cost. Customers with expired Update Plans can extend their plans for $39.99 (USD).
Ohanaware currently uses FastSpring to handle payments on the Ohanaware website.

App Wrapper 4.2 Product Webpage

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