App with ssl certificate

Hi there… I’m using a webpage to query an online database from an ios app. I’d like to be sure that the webpage can respond only to my iosapp and not to an occasional visitor by the web (for example). My webpage expect four parameters: database name, user, password and sql query, so I think an expert user can “sniff” that data and can gain access to one of my dbs.
So I think I have to include an ssl certificate in my iosapp and the webserver can be sure it can execute the query safely.
Anyone has idea on how can I approach to that solution? Or any other ideas can be helpful…

Many thanks!

SSL? You mean TLS. The best way to achieve this is to use Lets Encrypt Certbot with an Apache/ nginx webserver acting as reverse proxy for your Xojo Webapp letting them doing all the stuff with TLS, chipers and encryption.

Only as workaround: in Apache you could try to use mod_security (howto) only to answer certain requests sent via POST parameter or to reduce answers to certain browsers (your app).