App Transport Security and HTTPS

I plan to allow an HTMLViewer to go to my site and display a ‘links’ page.
The pages linked from there may not be https

So I plan to add




to the info.plist so as to allow arbitrary pages to display.
Has anyone else used that and had any bad experience with reviewers?

Don’t know exactly what you are trying to do. Perhaps reformulate or give some more context?

I want to use an HTML Viewer
If it send it to an HTTP: page, it will be refused
I can add specific exclusions in the info.plist

But if a user click on a link which takes them to a different web page, I ASSUME that would be refused.
The docs say I can avoid this by adding the above to the plist

I personnaly think this is a very bad idea unless you absolutely need it.

First of all your app will be rated 17+ on the App Store as this allows users to browse the internet bypassing parental restrictions .

Second reason is that your app will be reviewed for much longer by apple and they might reject it saying that you do not need to allow full internet access.

Third reason, iTunes connect has bugs, just like any piece of software, last week 1000s of apps where removed from the App Store just because they allowed full internet access. Apple was actually removing all gambling apps but eventually removed many other apps by mistake.

Best solution is to just open your website url directly in safari.

Agree with Jeremie. Just use a native browser :slight_smile: less code and gives a better experience :slight_smile:

It’s not just Apple that is clamping down on non-secure sites. I suspect that, soon, regardless of device or OS, you’ll not be able to browse to non-HTTPS sites without a big warning or, perhaps, not at all.

I haven’t been to your site, but if the links you are referring to are under your control, I suggest your time would be better spent getting free certificates and set up for the future. I agree with Jrmie, you’re really asking Apple to view you suspiciously.