App Testers Wanted

After picking the forums brains on and off for some time I have my first app ready for some feedback. If you are interested in checking it out and giving some feedback hit me up off list and I’ll add you to Testflight.

Basically it is an Athlete Fan App

  • Conveniently check out all things Sally Fitzgibbons Pro Surfer in the one place.
  • Can’t make it to the next event… no problem! Take a Selfie with Sally and post it on your social media #SallySelfie
  • Find out what beats Sally is listening to.
  • Get some inspiration from Sally and her favourite surfers video clips
  • Checkout other Sally products… Live Like Sally, Summer Fit and Go Sally - Surfing Game
  • Sally Stories are little blog posts not shown elsewhere.
  • Track the swell for the upcoming events
  • See Sally’s WSL stats
  • Check her WSL event results all in the one place

I have built in as much flexibility (with my limited IOS programming knowledge) so that I can change some things easily without updating the actual app.