App Store Rejection, need help before I lodge a formal complaint

On Wednesday I submitted an application to Apple for review. As expected it was rejected; every single application I submit gets rejected nowadays and in the last year or so; they’ve all been absolutely stupid rejections, just like this one.

[quote]Guideline 2.4.5(i) - Performance
Your app incorrectly implements sandboxing, or it contains one or more entitlements with invalid values. Please review the included entitlements and sandboxing documentation and resolve this issues before resubmitting a new binary.[/quote]

They linked to the Sandboxing documentation; just to make sure I re-read incase it’s changed. And responded.

[quote]I’ve double checked the documentation that you link to, it suggests that “” needs the value of “”.

Verifying the application using “codesign -d --entitlements” shows.

Double clicking the “archived-expanded-entitlements” file in the Resources folder shows.

Please tell me how the values are invalid.[/quote]

No surprise today; the reviewer has upheld the rejection; for the same reason, hasn’t explained what I’m doing wrong and links me back to the same fucking documentation.

Has anyone else had a similar rejection and found a way to get an approval without lodging an appeal and formal complaint?

Im guessing its some other sandboxing thing they are quibbling over.
Maybe access to camera or locations, or prefs or something, and just mentioning the sandbox thing as a general ‘catch-all’