App Properties

Where does one set the Application Class properties such as .LongVersion, .ShortVersion, .PackageInfo, etc. in Xojo?
They are not apparent using the App Inspector. The compiler did not allow me to set them in code. I have tried to find this issue in the User Guide and the LR. Spent about half hour now looking for this. Why so obscure?

Under the Build Settings, select Shared.

Thanks, Andrew. But I changed the info and the built app retained the old settings (Name, etc.) Also the build was for Carbon and I want Cocoa. Do you know where is the switch for Carbon or Cocoa?

If you click on the OSX line you’ll see it’s more than just a checkbox. Same for the other targets. This computer is definitely worth looking at.

Thanks, Wayne. Finally found what I need. Little obscure in Xojo.

It is surely NOT obvious!