App not working on Mac OS 10.5.8

Hi. I just received two calls today from my app users who were getting errors when running the program on Mac OS 10.5.8. Both were Intel processors, not PowerPCs. Recently, I posted on this forum (, which directed me to point to the DBs in the user’s Applications folder instead of the Mac HD >> Library folder for database writing issues. Is their version of the Mac software incompatible with my new location of the DBs? If so, is there a way around this? I know the program works this new way as I have tested it on my machine and also have had other new Mac users successfully run the program. Seems to be a disconnect with this lower version of their machines. What do you think?

Xojo apps only work on 10.6 and up

Ah ok. So essentially, if they updated their software to 10.6 or above, it would run just fine, right?

Karen is correct, but I would like to confirm with you the exact location where you are writing the database files too, as this may or may not be issue.

The safest place to create files without asking the user where to save them is to following the Apple guidelines and create them in the users Application Support folder. This should be compatible with 10.5, but as we (Ohanaware) no longer support that system, I don’t have a machine to validate this.
~/Library/Application Support//

So for instance on my machine, the app Shine (with bundle identifier com.ohanaware.shine) would be
/Users/rowlands/library/Application Support/com.ohanaware.shine/

Use the specialFolder.applicationData function to get the to the folder, as this will maintain future compatibility and Sandboxing compatibility.

You may also want to consider trying an older version of Real Studio if you continue to have issues.

Yes, that is correct Sam. My files are located in -/Library/Application Support. I tried sending the one tonight an older installer (made with RB instead of Xojo), but she was still reporting an issue. Now that I am writing this, I think she may have been navigating to her user’s Application folder to find the program (Xojo made and the newest version of the app) instead of her computer’s Application folder (previously version found with the RB app).