App Not Compiling

Greetings all!

I have a custom plugin for my Win7 project that creates a custom module which contains a few useful strings I use in my project.

In 2015r4.1 there’s no problem, the module is recognised and compiles without errors.

In 2016r1 the module is recognised, I can use autocomplete, but when I attempt to compile, I get an error saying that the item doesn’t exist, when it clearly does because I’ve typed it in via autocomplete…what gives??

I’m having this error with other third party plugins like Valentina as well.

This is frustrating!! Has anyone got any ideas on what’s changed…or is it a nasty bug??

Any help would be appreciated.


It definitely doesn’t sound like something intentional. A bug report with steps to reproduce would be appreciated.

Have you check this ?
Can’t find a type with this name
plugin problems

The problem is with 2016r1. There’s no other explanation for this behaviour.