App.Name Syntax Error in 2022r1

Try changing:
Build Setting - Shared - Version - Bug Version - from 0 to 1.


The Bug Version is changed to 1 and now it works. Thank you!
Also thanks to all with suggestions and tests.

I just made a broken project with text in MajorVersion field.
Stuff like that can happen.

The compiler should show that line, so user sees what property is affected.

Actually, changing from 0 to 0 works too. I guess there was something weird in that field.


Interesting. It just needs to be changed, even to the same value.

There is no value saved/used for that field even when the IDE shows 0. If you can save the project as XML you will see <SubVersion></SubVersion> instead of <SubVersion>0</SubVersion> forcing the IDE to set a number there fixed the problem.


That’s still weird, IMO.

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It’s not really. Think about the way the language works.

Let’s assume that the IDE uses Variants for storing user files editable properties (because it does)…

You’ve got a TextField that’s been told that it should only show integers so the code for setting it looks something like this:

TextField1.Text = Str(Val(value), "-0")

If value is anything other than a number, the field shows “0”.

Now the method the thing that renders your project into Xojo code for the compiler however maybe isn’t that smart and is assigned as the return of a function that returns Variants:

App.MajorVersion = Property_Values("majorversion")

If the value were an empty string or set to “-inf” or something, you’d definitely get a syntax error.

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then it is a conceptual problem.
i can show you the ide crash if the company name is removed in windows build settings.
all this (unnecessary) stupid combo issues have a lasting impression.

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