App IDs - slightly but not totally off topic

I have an app id on the developer portal that mistakenly includes Mac OS. Now I cannot release my iOS app without having the Mac version (doesn’t exist) submitted and approved too.

I’m trying to figure out how to rectify this without having to blow everything out and start again.

Any words of wisdom?

I haven’t a clue what you mean. If you make an iOS app, upload the iOS app. If you make a macOS app, upload the macOS app.

So here is the issue, and it’s a good one to avoid now that I figured it all out:

When releasing an app for iOS I saw the “Prepare Mac OS App”. I thought that was about the M1 desktop support of iOS.
As soon as I clicked it I realized that wasn’t what it was for so I moved on to the rest of the setup.
Then I submitted my iOS app for approval. It was approved right away. But I couldn’t release it without my Mac OS app info, and there is NO Mac OS app. I couldn’t remove that selection, now set to “Prepare for Submission”

The only way to remove it is to add a new iOS app version to the App Store Description, and resubmit the previously approved app for approval again.

It’s a big hole in their workflow. There are a bunch of forum entries about it. No workaround.

So word to the wise… don’t go clicking around!

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