App Icon shown small

I am using XOJO 2017 Release 2
I opened the App object and clicked on the Icon.
I filled up all the sizes with a png file of size 2133x2133 pixels.
After I build the application, and view it in the Finder, the icon is displayed at approximately 1/16th the size on the top left corner of the Application Icon.
Is it because the png file has to be of a particular size ?


Especially, the smaller sizes of the icons benefit from making the form simpler and doing a bit more sharpening.

Regarding your problem: how does this look in Xojo? Are all slots filled? Open the app package. Look at App.icns in the Recources folder and check if the icons show up correctly there.

Check the pixels per inch (ppi) setting on that png file. if it’s > 72, you could have problems.

Yes. I set it to 72 ppi from 300 and it worked.
But strangely this problem did not exist in the earlier versions (Real Basic).
Has there been any changes since ?

The introduction of Retina support means that the framework is sensitive to ppi.

OK. Thanks

The Finder too is in the same state…

Get File Info (GFI) on an item in the Finder,
Drop an image (at 300 dpi) in the GFI Icon location and watch what happens.

Do the same with 72 dpi image and be happy !