App Icon on built is 16x16 Why?

I finally realized I need to put an icon in for the app. I noticed someone wrote to use vectored images. Done. I made it 256 pixels square. I dragged it on to the icon and it fit neatly on each. Wow. This is nice.

I built the app again, and well there was an icon now. However it was in the upper left corner and very small. 16x16 maybe.

What are the tricks for doing this?

Make sure the image has a horizontal and vertical resolution of 72 pixels per inch. Anything higher will cause problems like this.

Yeah. 300 dpi when its wants 72.
I wish I could write I found a reference in our docs, but no. I am not even sure that tool is called the icon editor.
Sigh. I’m happy it’s simple

May I ask what you mean by “vectored images”? SVG? PFD?
Because, using Graphic Converter, I created a 72pxl 256x256 svg image, but dragging it on to each icon nothing happens.
(while png images fill up each icon-slot).
Thank you.

The IDE does not support SVG at this time.

As I expected. Thank you.

i have the same problem 2 weeks ago. finally figure out the dpi need to be 72px.

and 2 days ago, i have problem with images on button for the toolbar and this apply to windows only. i have 10 buttons and 2 of them are showing ok and 8 of them show black. finally figure out that the 2 ok one is 48x48 and the black one is 50x50. changing them all to 48 and the image on the button for toolbar who right away.

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Help. I can’t find any reference to the App’s icon