App how to, manual, instructions

I’m looking for good examples of how to include instructions for use in an iPhone app.

Everyone says that apps need to be completely intuitive the first time you use them. Some of my favorite apps just aren’t, but once you learn them they are extremely easy to use.

Sometimes it’s a simple thing like “what this function does”.

I’ve seen some apps with a quick start guide / swipe for tips, kind of thing.

What have you guys done that has worked or has not worked well?

Instructions as a text manual (html pages likely) is generally a bad idea. Unless your app is extremely complicated/technical. But I’m not sure many users will read it.

What works well and is quite easy to localize:

  1. Quick start with 3-4 screens explaining what the app does. This is actually the best way to get users interested in your app. Many people download popular apps and delete them less than 2 minutes after installation.

  2. Onboarding for each screen which can be done with tooltips or highlights.

To see what I mean, download Packr on the app store:
The first screen is a quick start
Then add a new trip to see the highlights / tooltips.

If you already downloaded Packr, tap the menu and select “Hints”, this will reset all onboarding and tooltips.

Second solution which has lot more text and would take ages to localize is to have a tutorial section such as Snapseed:

Jeremie, this is exactly what I want to do. Thank you! I’ll be ripping this off! :slight_smile:

Jeremie, how are you doing that swipe action in the window?

Please be more specific, I don’t know what swipe you are referring to.

In Packr, in the hints window, you allow the user to swipe between hints, and it visually flows nicely. I was trying to figure out how you did that.

I use a Slideshow control I made specifically for iOS.

It uses iOSScrollView with SetPagingEnabledXC set to True (requires iOSDesignExtensions)
Then I place as many Container controls as needed in the ScrollView.contents

Do you add the new container controls at runtime or build the slide show in the IDE in advance.
I’m curious about how you ensure that the container controls individually size right depending on iPhone screen size.

I build everything in code at runtime.

I spent several hours checking that it displayed correctly on each device size.
And even download different localized screenshots at runtime if the user isn’t using the app in English.

Basically setting up the container control to be displayed fullscreen aka the same exact size as the ScrollView ensures that it will display correctly.