App drops into debug a few seconds after closing window

I am at a loss with a small window I use to present a nag window ; when I close it, after a few seconds the app goes into beach ball forever.

At the same time the IDE presents the debugger but with no specific exception

Also, the system saves a spin report

[quote]7/12/16 11:52:40.918 PM spindump[775]: Saved spin report for Check Writer III.debug version 3.00 ( to /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Check Writer III.debug_2016-07-12-235240_Mitchs-iMac.spin

I am at a loss to understand what I did wrong, and have to confess the report is a bit obscure to me.

Will appreciate clarification, to correct whatever triggers that condition.


[quote=276847:@jean-paul devulder]hi,

seem receive a nil assertion from a delegate event from object HTTPSocket

comments all HTTPSocket event and retest…[/quote]

Alright. Now I close HTTPSocket in CancelClose and the problem is gone.

Thank you Jean-Paul. I was on that for a couple hours. You saved my night :slight_smile:

hows the delegate set up ? (I’m guessing addhandlers)
And when you close the window do you remember to remove the handlers ?
You dont always have to do this but its not a bad thing to do

I’d suspect you are receiving an event after the window closes and the call back is now referring to a nil window etc

I will make sure to remove the handlers as well. Thanks Norman.