App.Copyright and App.LongVersion

I wonder if there might be any possibility to automatise the values for Version and Copyright when building an app. I am aware that those prperties are read-only and can not be set at runtine - for good reasons…

But what I would really like would be an automatism which would set those settings - based on the version settings - prior to building the app. Has anyone got a clue?

Many thanks in advance!

I don’t know about Copyright but App.Version can be set using a build script. (I don’t know where I go this but…thanks.)

[code]// Set ShortVersion to match version numbers

Dim version as String

version = PropertyValue(“App.MajorVersion”) + “.” + _
PropertyValue(“App.MinorVersion”) + “.” + _
PropertyValue(“App.BugVersion”) + " (" + _
PropertyValue(“App.NonReleaseVersion”) + “)”

PropertyValue(“App.ShortVersion”) = version
Put it before the Build step and the version shown in the App’s properties should show correctly. At least on Windows; I can’t test on Mac.

Sorry for replying a bit late…

In a first attempt, this seemed not to work … until I found out that I had to replace “app.” by “MyAppsName.”
Thank you for your valuable hint!