App calling another App

Since 1 or 2 weeks now, applications that had been running without any problem start showing the following inconvinient:
One desktop App that calls another desktop App is not working any more.
Both Apps are launching without any problem doublecking the EXE file, but if one App trys to call anotherone by code, that is not working any more, and Apps did not change.

This is the XOJO code:

Dim sh As New Shell
Dim f as folderitem
f = GetfolderItem(“”)
if f.exists then
sh.Execute(f.NativePath + “\SecondApp.exe”)
end if

Any ideal to try to solve this ?

Have you tried using Folderitem.Launch instead?

The working folder may have changed.
Get a folderitem representing f.NativePath + “\SecondApp.exe”
and check to see if it .exists before trying to launch it.

Might it already be running but not visible?
Check task manager to see if there is a process of the SecondApp name already in existence.
Might SecondApp have been blocked by a virus checker?

If that looks good, you can also see what the shell’s exit code is (zero is what you want.)

Var  f As FolderItem = GetfolderItem("").Child("SecondApp.exe")
If f.Exists Then
  MessageBox "Where's SecondApp?"

Check to see if Windows is trying to install an update. Really weird things happen to my computer after an update is partially installed and before a reboot.

Maybe you should execute the Shell as Admin.
On Mac OS : sudo Command
On Windows : I was used to launching the App As Admin, and Xojo too during debugging phase, so the compiled app and the app.debug are running in Admin mode.