App autostart

Is possible to autostart app from raspberry without user interaction ?
The user power up the raspberry raspberry boot and app start?

I have limited knowledge of Pi, but perhaps you could do this with some Bash script saved in the /etc/rc.local directory or equivalent?

I am trying to do this too but not got very far yet.

I have posted a topic for this in the pi forum see targets raspberry pi

If i get some time ill give you the details

A few notes;
as you see later i use “/home/pi/bin” as the folder.
That folder can be created just there and it will automaticly add it to $PATH.
That means, you could enter “myApplication” in the terminal without the path, the next time you reboot.
Super easy working, as the folder will work with all your xojo apps in the terminal without a path.

Start here, this is all from SSH or the Terminal on your Pi:

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the cursror.
Note: Type all the coming BEFORE “exit 0”

So you will see this:

# Run MyApplication at boot
# end a command with & to have it run in the background
sudo /home/pi/bin/myApplication &
# End for myApplication

exit 0

The “#” mean comment as in xojo.
The “sudo” keyword means your Xojo project has root/super user privalages. (can damage your system if you app does wrong actions, remove the keyword if you don’t need root.

Absolutely use the “&” command as it allows for all other processes to start/run.
Don’t forget it.

Thank you @Derk Jochems .
i will check the forum,i miss that part.

[quote=261636:@Loannis Kolliageorgas]Thank you @Derk Jochems .
i will check the forum,i miss that part.[/quote]

No problem, Pi is somewhat different from the rest but it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

So using this approach does your app now run as a daemon just in the background, or does the screen display your applications wares?

I’ve got a proposal for an application that simply queries an SQL for data and displays it on a 50"LCD or LCD wall projector in a production plant. Probably overkill to wast an Intel NUC on something like this, so I was thinking about the PI.

If the app is a console app, it should run as a daemon; if it’s a desktop app, it’ll get a window on the Linux desktop, which you can display wherever.