App.Autoquit doesn't exist?

The IDE says Type “App” has no member named “Autoquit”.

This happened when I tried to convert my app to API 2.
I’ve also tried to create a new app, and it was the same there.

The Xojo documentation says that the property exists.

I believe on DesktopApplication it’s called AllowAutoQuit.

Yes, that’s it. Thanks, Greg!

The documentation then must be fixed. This page:

They usually don’t fix things based on comments on the forum they many times don’t read. If you desire correction, please report the fails here

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Web still uses AutoQuit and not AllowAutoQuit, this is inconsistent.

I created an Issue:
#74147 - Desktop has AllowAutoQuit now, Web has AutoQuit, this is not consistent


Thanks, Alberto.