API code or plugin for MaxMind Geo2Lite IP Location data

Does anyone know of either a plugin or native Xojo code to access the MaxMind Geo2Lite IP Location databases?

MaxMind provides their API in lots of languages but not yet Xojo.

Due to the number of queries I need to make, I’d like to be able to query a local MaxMind Geo2Lite file directly from my Xojo app.

Any ideas?

Jean-Paul Thanks for the link to the MaxMind DB format. I may try to either write a parser from scratch or translate one from one of the other existing language implementations.

Merry Christmas

I looked at this last year and felt I could take the CSV files from the GeoIP v1 product and then get them into a SQLite database without too much aggro. I didn’t do it in the end as I felt I could cope without the data.

Once in the database, initial theory was just some clever SQL but that may be understating it.

Possibly v2 CSV now. May need to jiggle the IP column to integers etc. http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/geoip2/geoip2-csv-databases/

Just some untested thoughts. Merry Christmas.