Apache on windows

Hi Guys,
Have anyone hosted a web app with Apache. Right now I just have the desktop license and are thinking about purchasing the Xojo IDE Pro for web and IOS but my question will be the type of files it compiles when we do the build. Right now I have two websites running using Apache on a windows machine so I can setup Apache but was wondering if I can do the same setup with a xojo web app. I am asking because right now I can’t see what files gets generated. Is it like index.html for home page, etc.


Xojo Web build output is a whole web server. When you run the executable, that serves the app and runs a webserver.

To use it in conjunction with Apache and your existing websites, set either the build flag or command line launch flag to use a port other than 80 and 443. Then configure a reverse proxy with Apache to forward requests through Apache to the Xojo Web app.

You can download a sample web application build from the documentation to test your server config


Also see Web Deployment Details in the docs.

Have a look into nginx. Allows you to do https if needed, and have multiple xojo web backends.

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Thank you guys. I will look at your recommendations.