Apache 2.4.x generating log errors with WebApp

Our Apache webserver is now on version 2.4.x and the we’re getting repeated messages like this one showing in the logs for our Xojo webapp. The app seems to work correctly.

[quote][authz_core:error] [pid 300] [client x.x.x.x:60306] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /Volumes/volume/Library/Server/Web/Data/App_name/6A4579F7EA475540238B57DB92E11F6085B8FE92, referer: http://appurl.example.com:8000/

Looking up the error on the web it suggests that it’s caused by the old style allow deny entries in the .htaccesss file generated by Xojo.

We’ve tried changing the file from:

Options +ExecCGI order allow,deny deny from all <Files *.cgi> allow from all </Files> <Filesmatch "^$"> allow from all </Filesmatch>


Options +ExecCGI Require all denied <Files *.cgi> Require all granted </Files> <Filesmatch "^$"> Require all granted </Filesmatch>

The “<Filesmatch “^$”>” part is my own addition, that isn’t causing the problem. It allows you to mount the WebApp on a url without having to add webapp.cgi to the url.

Anyone found a solution for this?