Anyone using Xojo to connect to Rocket UniVerse?

I see one thread from back in 2014 mentioning connectivity to a Rocket UniVerse system but didn’t know if anyone else is successfully using Xojo to connect to a Rocket UniVerse multivalue data base.

That exotic platform seems to have lots of hidden costs (full of “GET A QUOTE” places) and no PRICES tab. I would be surprised if Xojo users would make efforts to support such kind of platform.

Ya, I completely understand. I was just wondering if anyone was actually doing this already. Although UniVerse is exotic it’s not dead. Some major players in the world still use it. The biggest one that comes to mind is Home Depot. But anyway, I didn’t know about it until I came to my current position either. I know Rocket has some c/c++ libraries to connect to the UniVerse engine so I would be open to sponsor or hire a Xojo developer with extension/database driver experience to build the requisite Xojo extensions.

Just putting it out there. I’m currently going down the road of use URL Connections from Xojo to an API built in CFML that talks to UniVerse via a JDBC driver. It’s fast enough and serves the purpose for now.

Two specialist names come to my mind: @Christian_Schmitz or @Björn_Eiríksson

Uniface supports both SOAP and REST web services.

So you can use that and we won’t need a plugin.