Anyone using InternalPostgreSQLLibraryMBS module?


someone using InternalPostgreSQLLibraryMBS module?

I consider to deprecate it and on the long term remove it.

As far as I know it’s not used much, we haven’t updated it in long time, doesn’t work on Windows and it may simply better to use the current DLL from Postgres.

@David Cox maybe?

Yes, I still use it. I still have the old DLL libraries if you decide to remove it, which I assume still work.

Does this mean the other Internal…LibraryMBS items will go soon too (eg SQLite, CubeSQL)? That would be a shame.

Not the others, but for Postgres it is the question whether it would be worth to carry it with us the next years.

And official libraries will always work.

I uploaded newer PostgresSQL libraries to our website:

This is 12.3 libraries and you can include the DLLs for Windows in the app folder.
For MacOS, you can include the dylibs in Frameworks folder and reference them in code.

I’ve not used these in the past, though I do use your SQL plugin and interact to both localhost and remote Postgres servers.

Are you saying that by including these libraries in a macOS app (and properly code signing) you can avoid the need for a Postgres server running locally? So a macOS app could create and initialize a data directory then interact with the databases in it without having to separately install a Postgres engine?

Or is this only for interacting with a running PostgreSQL server (whether on or elsewhere)?

If it can be used in lieu of a PG server engine, once a main app has created a database, can helper (console) apps then connect to that too when using the proper credentials? Or a tool like Valentina Studio?

The last I had looked, in your various example projects in …/SQL/PostgreSQL* folders you showed connecting to a PG server, but not using libraries or dylibs in lieu of a PG server.

It always has just been the libpq wrapped in a plugin to avoid carrying the dylibs.

It does not include the server, just the client libraries. And we provide those as download.

OK, thanks for the clarification. Wanted to be sure I had not overlooked something for years which could have been useful…