Anyone used the IC2 protocol before?

Does anybody know if the IC2 protocol can be used in a Xojo Raspberry Pi project?

there are two serial (UART) channels on my board. But I need more.
My solution was to use other pins to set or unset enable-pins on some shields, so I can use a serial connection for multiple peripherals.

But some of my shields support the I2C protocol, where I could use a lot more devices on 1 channel.

There is a link in the Xojo documentation. So, there must be some support for it. But does anyone have any experience with this?

I did that.

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In my old guides then I did such once or twice, at least with the Analog to Digital project I know it was used.

Can find the old guides here:

All my old guides were WiringPI guides. Even if the original creator of it no longer supports it then I would still use Wiring PI my self, by using 3rd party fork. Reason is that Wiring PI also works on most of the 3rd part boards.,

Some links to Wiring PI libraries: