Anyone succeeded in getting an App preview vid into App Store?

App store allows you to upload app preview videos.
It says here…

But the ratio/screen size matches no standard output of any video editor I’m familiar with.
You get 30 seconds to show something useful.

After a lot (a lot!) of messing about with ‘incorrect size’ messages, I managed to create a 27 second 1200 x 900 pixel video and tried that - only to be told that H264 format was ‘too high’ , Even though Apples’ guidelines suggest a suitable screen size is 4 x this, and H264 is expected.

If you have succeeded, what did you use to create it and what kind of settings did you really need to use?

Finally uploaded.
Had to drop the quality.
H264 was OK.
Video size of 1200 x 900 was achieved using some Windows software… nothing on my Mac would make it.
(Quicktime helpfully changes the size when you drop the quality… c’mon Apple!!)

Davinci Resolve can output any video size and compression ratio and it’s free.

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I created all my preview videos with iMovie.


Cool, thanks.
Looks like that went in the bin to install (very) Big Sur
I may have to go reinstall it.