Anyone see the WWDC SF Symbols 3 Sessions?

Now there’s 4 different ways to use them, plus using them as text when specifying San Francisco font.

We’re still limited to the Monochrome graphics version only. sigh

Well you’d need to be compiling against the iOS 15 SDK IS to have access to them anyway and at the earliest we’d be doing that after iOS 15 ships.

Good point. But I believe 2 of the 4 are already supported.

2 and 4?

SF Symbols 2.1 (iOS 14) supports Monochrome and Multicolor (on some new symbols). SF Symbols 3 (iOS 15) will add Hierarchical and Palette.

It would be nice if we could specify the color(s) on all of these. And, of course, use these as text in labels and table cell text.

Could you please paste the link to the sf symbols wwdc session ?


I think there’s one for SwiftUI as well. I only watched the What’s New and Explore ones. You can get to these from your Developer account and search for all the WWDC sessions. And of course the Developer app makes this super easy.