Anyone missing the TEXTCOLOR attribute in checkboxes?

Working with checkboxes is not as easy. I always have to create the checkbox itself and then a label on top which has all the used attributes. There seems to be no way to tell a checkbox to change it’s color or changing the color of the text. It’s simply black.

Anyone else complaining about that? Is there any open issue about that? Thank you for your comments.

Yes, a lot of people and there is a issue about that:

But it is only 8 years old, maybe another 8 to be attended?

And yes, it sucks in many ways, xojo did not even used the system color for the text, just plain black so they where useless on any app that runs on systems with custom text colors, like high contrast.

I ended having to create a container with the box and a label and replace all the checkboxes.

At least current versions use the system color since xojo introduced darkmode support, but still no custom color.

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If only it could be nominated for #BugBash . . .

Xojo would say, it is not a bug it is a feature request so forget about it :upside_down_face:

It is about more than checkboxes. Here’s a feature request to make all visual properties of user-facing controls accessible and modifiable: #68788. Please vote for it!

the con with this containers is they have no preview in design…

They do show, in a greyish color, though.

Sure I will. Did not find the rating of issues. Or is it this “like” here now?

Where can I see the top ratings?
And how many “likes” are possible?
All with the same weight?

btw: Feedback is not the same as an issue, is it?

You can’t see the top ratings.
Don’t know.

You can see your own ratings:

Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 08.50.03

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You might consider GraffitiSuite as a drop-in replacement for most standard UI controls, including the checkbox. I can’t sing the praises of it enough, and the developer Anthony Cyphers is both active here on the forums and extremely responsive to support requests.

The GraffitiSuite optionbox control can be used as a checkbox or a radio/option button. It looks a little different from the native controls by default, but it’s completely customizable.

I agree the native Xojo control should have fontcolor options though.


Does it respond to clicks on the label to change its state? (with tracking)

Sort by popularity

You can like all the cases if you want but is better to just “like” your “top” cases. All likes weigh the same, so a case with 18 likes is more popular than one with 17 no matter if the Likes are from Pro Plus users or Lite users.

Feedback was the previous application and we talked about Feedback cases. Now the system in use is “Issues” and the cases there could be Feature Requests or Bug Reports.

Does it respond to clicks on the label to change its state? (with tracking)

It does indeed. And it has MouseEnter, MouseExit and MouseMove events too that encompass the label portion so you can do a hover state if you wish.

Everything comes with the source code too, so if a control doesn’t behave the way you’d like, you can modify it to your liking. I’ve done this a few times. Once you start to wrap your head around the techniques that are common to a lot of the controls it gets easier and easier.

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Wow, thank you for the info first. Somewhat unsatisfying still.

What makes me think is: There are two words: “Issue” and “Feedback”. For me those two are completely different things.

Issue: A technical problem which is to be addressed by an engineer. It can get several states and can be resolved, rejected or simply defined as irrelevant. Technical.

Feedback: Description of a situation from my point of view. Addressed to the management. Often taken without contradiction because that would prevent future feedback. Emotional.

Of course these definitions may be discussable. The previous system gave me at least some confidence. But for me there is no (real) feedback any more. And even worse I am not sure if there was one before.

I had a quick look at Microsoft documentation. It does not seem possible to change the color of the text with a declare.

You’re right, they are different meanings. But, in case of software naming, both were acceptable (you give feedbacks to explain issues).

And that “situation” is an Issue

You can read more about that in the last issue of the Times. :wink:

We must consider “Feedback” and “Issue” as software ID, not by their respective names.

Using TextField1.Value is misleading and subject to interpretations (and worst, if TextField1 holds a price)…

TextField1.Text is the correct (one correct) way to get TextField1 contents since it holds… Text (String to be more precise).