Anyone interested in JSON-RPC?

I’m about to complete my JSON-RPC classes. They implement json-rpc 2.0
It might be interested for anyone, i just wanna know what you think of it.
The specification can be found here:

At the moment the client socket is completed. I’m about to put it to a major testing run.
The server part will be completely different from the client. As any Xojo Methods can be assigned to a specific json-rpc Method using customised events or methods.
This is very interesting to see in Xojo. And it works pretty good.

Imagine your code executing remotely (not only the internet). I’m willing to implement the same for Stdin/Stdout and IPCSocket.
If you are interested, just let me know.

I, for one, would definitely be interested in following your work here, Derk. I’ve been programming with Xojo about a year now in earnest. Prior to that, most everything I did was using Adobe Flash Action Scripting (AS2/AS3). My largest customer settled in on the convention of using Remote Procedure Calls as the standard way of allowing people like me to query their internal databases for verifying certain info (e.g., valid user login of a registered user, etc.) without letting their corporate IT pants down too far (if you know what I mean). It makes things REAL SIMPLE!!! I send an RPC to the database, it executes the remote procedure, and I get a simple Boolean (could be other data types if required) back telling my program what it needs to know.

I have yet to date to attempt to emulate that functionality using Xojo. Unless I’m mistaken, looks to me like you’re on track to get there long before me. I’d love to see where you arrive with it.

Thanks for posting your efforts here so folks like me can be aware of “what’s going on out there” that could save us time and trouble.
… Don

Nice to hear from you.

It’s definately gonna help you making things easier. The class is working for the first day, it’s endless making calls to my test server and it seems to work great.

If it’s done, i’ll put a link up where the class can be downloaded.

I am very interested as well Derk!

If it’s done, i’ll put a link up where the class can be downloaded.[/quote]

Thank you for work. I’m interested in it too. Why not use github?

Amando will you be happy if i put it on github or so, then add you as helping contributor?

Anyone willing to contribute to it, i’d be happy to add you…:wink:
I also have a Class named ParseSocket made for

Contributors are welcome. (Class for access - REST API) (class for updating UI from threads, it needs some work i think) (Module with free community based code, extending your access to functions and methods) (Module with methods, extentions and functions fro Web Only. Needs some work.)

JSON-RPC Client:

You’ve got a bunch of .obsolete files in there. You ought to remove them or people will get confused.

They have a real funny name, greg.

I’ve removed them, thanks for the tip.
Any interest in having such classes as internal in the framework?

Derk, JSON-RPC came up as a suggestion to a question I was asking in I then search the forum and found this posting. How could I integrate your RPCSocket code to achieve, what I want? Sorry I’m a bit out of my depth here.

Derk, very interesting and might be able to help you out a bit.

You have a github account? PM plz