Anyone interested in adding scripting support to their Mac app?

After working for about a week now on this, I’ve come to a point where I can say I’ve created quite a nice set of classes to add AppleScript (or JavaScript) support to a Xojo Mac app.

Basically, you can declare subclasses of my main scripting class, add properties, and then have my code take care of the rest. The code allows both automatic access to any properties in such subclasses as well as have them act as proxies to access data stored elsewhere in your app.

It’s built around the newer Cocoa Scripting bridge, not only the old and awkward AppleEvent manager APIs.

I wonder if there are any developers here who would like to add scriptability to their app right now and could give my code a go, helping with testing and giving feedback.

Believe me - with these classes and quite easy to do that now. The most work is in designing the vocabulary you want to use. Then you use the “Sdef Editor” app to create the Applescript voculator file and finally add the subclasses, properties and custom value accessors, without having worry about any of Cocoa or old AE APIs.

I have an OS X project where I always wanted to include AppleScript functionality. I’d like to give your classes a try and report feedback to you. Would be an enormous help. I started to read into that stuff and felt a bit disheartened as I’m lacking the time to declare all that stuff, let alone testing it. Thanks a lot, Thomas!

OK, you’ve got mail :slight_smile:

Hello Thomas,

i’d like to Test too.


Alright, I’ll work with the Germans, that’ll be easier. Two testers are enough for now.