Anyone having trouble generating the CSR in xojo cloud?

I am trying to generate the CSR in the SSL setup for XOJO cloud and I’m getting a blank CSR certificate. Anyone know how to fix this?

Filling in all of the fields and entering the full state name should fix this.

Got it. It would be really easy to say this on the web page and avoid the support issues.

Agreed. That page needs updating.


Went to RapidSSL to purchase an SSL certificate and I get this error when copying and pasting the CSR to their site.

Bad extension(s) found in CSR: Check challenge passphrase is alphanumeric, and no ServerGatedCrypto extension exists.

Any idea what is wrong???

John and I are talking about this via email.

Still having SSL issues with XOJO. Working with John Fatte’ on this one in our office. Yesterday, Jason was able to get us through the task of getting SSL Certificate after fixing a few items on XOJO Cloud. However, now that we have our domain directed, when I go to I get the our index page. But, redirects to page. Any suggestions?

Your certificate is for, so the domain that you’re accessing must match:

This works.

Works both ways now with or without www. Not sure if XOJO tweaked something or we just didn’t wait long enough, but all is well now.

Thanks for the help!