Anyone for a game of cards? (Xojo Demo)

I have created a Virtual Card Table simulator Web App (Snaz! Virtual Card Tables), using Xojo 2019r1.1
If anyone wants to try it out - be my guest! (on any device).

I have registered a free demo Game Table code so that our Xojo friends can give it a go. Up to 4 people can login and play together. Play pretty much any card game that you know… Snaz! has no built-in rules - it’s just a deck of cards, a “hand” area and a “playtable” area. Up to you what you do with the cards. The Game Table has a Help button to view full user instructions.

To access the demo Game Table, navigate to and look for the link near the upper right of the homepage which says “Already have a Snaz! Game Code?” - follow the link, and enter code: XOJODEMO when prompted.

As you enter the Game Table, you will see a list of 4 fictitious names: John, Janet, Peter, Pippa. - The order is relevant, in that Players 1 - 4 would typically be the way you sit round a table and play in sequence - although the app forces no rules - play how you like!

Have fun!!

Thank you for your nice gesture. Regretfully, your proposal seems not very popular in this community. To be honest, when you request testing a bookkeeping application with Xojo, I will be in the first row. But I think for games, you are in the wrong community. Anyway, it is a little bit unfair because your work deserves more attention.

Nevertheless, I registered for a free account and your work is amazing. Nice graphics and very intuitive. The chat option with fellow players is also nice.

Keep up the good work! Really, nicely done!


Thanks for the feedback Chris, I appreciate your time in trying it out.

I enjoyed the challenge of the programming - kept me amused during Covid lockdown - and hopefully it brings some enjoyment to locked-down card players!

Hi Tony
Nice job !!!
I will try it during this terrible quarantine in Argentina… the longest in the world (more than 125 days… crazy !!!)
Did you already thought on:

  1. translate to spanish / portuguese (if you need help be my guest… I could do it for you) ?
  2. configurate for spanish cards ?
  3. having the chance to withdraw more than one card at the time from the playing table to the hand (in some king of games you have to withdraw all the cards that are in the table and do it one by one is not so nice.
    Thanks and again my congrats for the job.

@Mariano Poli Many thanks for your feedback, and for your kind translation offer!

I am very lucky to live in Cyprus, where the Covid situation has been controlled very well (relatively easy for a small island - much bigger problem for large countries).

At this stage, I am concentrating on app functionality and stability. I hope to add multi-lingual support in the future.
Yes, indeed, my family also wanted me to add multiple cards pickup function, but it’s really hard to do for mouse-less touch-screen devices. Maybe, one day I can add this feature for mouse driven browsers, at least.

Also, on my roadmap will be a feature to allow user to create their own style of cards and deck editor tool.

It will be interesting to see if Web Framework 2.0 will be helpful for this kind of app.

Stay safe!