Anyone else using Windows 7 having problems with latest piDog DataView update (

Noticing the announcement on the Xojo forum of the newest DataView update (, I very anxiously downloaded it, deleted the DataView folder in my project and replaced it with the new one from the downloaded demo project. When I hit the “Run” button in Xojo to compile the program, it immediately threw this error at me (see screen cap below) and crashed the compile.

I emailed Jim McKay (piDog Software) back on October 25th about the problem but got no response (which is very unusual since Jim has been great about responding to other issues I have encountered … I’m hoping he’s OK). I’ve tried twice more since then to contact him about the problem but have not yet heard anything back.

Has anyone else run into this yet? If so, what might you know that I currently don’t about the problem/resolution???

Windows 7 Ultimate
Xojo 2016 r1.1

piDog  DataView Problem

Do you have the source code version?

Hey Don, I think my emails might be getting lost in transit… there’s a new version up that should address the issue.

Thanks for your response, Beatrix. Unfortunately, I do not have the source code version … my license however is up to date (just renewed it this Spring).

Well, most importantly, I now know you’re OK, Jim … had me worried there!

I’ll download the new version right now and reply to this thread with the results.

That did the trick, Jim! Thanks so much for your help.I did double check my spam folder and did not see anything from piDog there, so your emails didn’t get gobbled up on my end.

It appears the revision you made also gave me an unexpected (but very pleasant surprise) fix to an issue I hadn’t even reported to you yet. I was seeing a very strange form of jitter when my program was swapping (embedding) in/out container controls having DataView controls residing on them. It could best be described as a visually-irritating, momentary (~1 - 2 seconds) appearance and then disappearance of what looked like a short horizontal and short vertical scrollbar joined together at a 90 degree angle (it always appeared at the bottom left corner of the DataView control in the container).

So, whether you were aware of that or not, it’s gone now with this latest rev software.

I, and my customers, continue to enjoy all the really neat functionality that DataView brings to the party!

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