Anyone else made it yet to the new forums?

Welcome back, everyone.

No personal messages here?

When starting a new conversation, you can make it “private”, i.e. restrict the users who can see it. Just click the “Change” link next to “Everyone will be able to view this conversation” and add the member(s) you want to PM.

I’m here :slight_smile:

if you click on a person’s picture/icon, that takes you to their profile page. upper right side has a link to “start a new private conversation”. just another way to do it.

Great! Thanks for the info!

Thank you, too!

I finally managed to make it - after having to change my password to exactly the same password 3 times !

their systems are getting hammered more than usual… I figure there is going to some hiccups like that today/tomorrow… then things will calm down and be back to normal.

Just made it :slight_smile:

Made it and who is Stephen (with a ‘ph’) Taylor, nice to meet me you.

Yes I am here and I am trying to understand what a “Bundle ID” is in Xojo :slight_smile:

A “Bundle ID” is required for Cocoa apps and was called the “Application Identifier” in Real Studio.

You can set the Bundle ID by clicking on “OS X” in “Build Settings” in the Navigator. You’ll see the property in the Inspector.

I saw a message pop up from you and thought “I havent posted anything yet, how can that be” then I noticed it was spelled with a “V” :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you as well, I look forward to conversing with everyone and helping out when I can.

Finally I am here too!!!
Not a great start I must say…