Anyone else excited about the Ubuntu decision?

Last week, Canonical announced that it was abandoning its Unity desktop and pitching in behind Gnome. This means that almost all of the major enterprise distros (Ubuntu, SuSe, Red Hat, etc) all are standing behind Gnome and it’s associated tech (including the Gnome Software Store). Add to that a few good hardware vendors hitting hard with Linux offerings (look at what’s in the Dell pipeline) and it gets more interesting.

Is anyone else e cited about this and see this as a huge potential for Xojo devs in the enterprise Linux space? Personally, I’m super excited and think this can only be a great thing for Xojo devs.


Yay! I’ve always used Gnome desktop instead of Unity on Ubuntu. It will be nice to have actual support.

Ubuntu is good enough for what it is but they often throw their own iterations out there and cause chaos in the open source community. I think standard Debian is probably better overall as almost everything is available and you don’t have to be concerned with whatever Ubuntu is doing this year.

I have to agree with Philip. While we test on a gaggle of distro types, our desktops are Mint 18 because Mint is both generic Debian and also provides a multi-universe install allowing both 64 bit and 32 bit apps to run right from the start.

Also, who cares what Ubuntu puts their efforts behind with regard to the desktop. It’s too easy to install and use whichever desktop you like. It’s all Linux under the hood, it’s just that theirs requires far more effort to customize because of the limitations that they created in their software repositories versus standard Debian releases.

I’ve switched to Ubuntu Budgie. Budgie has quickly become my favourite desktop but I think its devs are moving away from Gnome and opting for Qt + Wayland for future releases.

It’s nice to Linux to decide on a common desktop. Linux is great, but for new users it can be a mess.