Anyone else damn tired of clicking keys?

Am I the only one who is fed up with having to click keys three or four times to get the IDE to acknowledged the key?

It’s just a text editor . . .

Xojo guys . . . this should be a simple fix.

What platform?


Not quite sure what you mean?

Are you referring to the Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V issue John?

I’m also finding on Windows that one has to click the keys 2 or 3 times to make copy/past take effect.

Don’t forget the backspace key often deletes just two characters then stops working.

And while we’re at it the enter key on the numeric keypad should work the same as the return key on the qwerty keyboard, but doesn’t.

The problem is I’ve gotten used to it and probably others too, so I don’t complain so much. The impact on new users though may just not return a license sale to Xojo.

But I can never replicate the issue on a clean launch of the IDE. I do know however that each debug launch in the IDE consumes memory that is not released, so there’s some accumulation of objects that may be the source of this issue.

On Windows it happens oft that the code editor doesn’t respond at all on keyboard typing and you have to select another item in the navigator and then go back to this code editor to be able to enter text.

Wayne, did you try the enter key on the numeric keypad in Xojo 2013r4.1? I am asking because i have the idea there it was at least partially working, but just as you i was by getting used to not use that key anymore.

I also see this often. As soon as I know how to reproduce it reliably, I’ll file the steps in Feedback.

I’ve been getting this a lot immediatley after ending a test run of the project from the IDE ( IE: a DebugBuild run )

The same here. I’ve to press Ctrl+V twice to get text pasted. 2013r4.1 win

I work with Xojo on Windows and OSX and the Windows Version is much slower in everything. I have also the Cut&Paste issue.
Windows 8.1 (English) with Xojo 2013 4.1

The enter key behaves differently to the return key in some places like changing the name of an object in the inspector where the enter key just doesn’t work, but does when change the size or position of the same object.

[quote=66005:@John Scanlan]It’s just a text editor . . .

Xojo guys . . . this should be a simple fix.[/quote]

I assume this is by way of making a joke. I can’t believe anybody believes the IDE code editor is “just a text editor” or that changes to behaviour in the IDE (as the editor doesn’t exist in a vacuum) are “simple”.

Cut&Paste is much improved in the latest betas, but switching tabs or selecting items sometimes loses the focus on the editor (or sends the focus to some unexpected place).

Quick question, is anybody else having sporadic issues where Ctrl+C (supposed to copy the selected text) actually deletes it?

Hum. Until this minute I thought I just hit the wrong key. But yes, this happened here now and then.

not a joke … while entering code, it’s just a text editor. The IDE worked well as real basic. Shouldn’t be that hard to bring back that functionality.

Thanks all for backing me up on the issue.

Please file a bug report about this. It might be some sort of normal framework behavior on Windows, but it’s the first I’ve heard about it and it ought to be at least looked into.

Joe the problem is it’s not consistent, and I’ve trained myself to avoid the problem. I almost never use keyboard shortcuts anymore. It doesn’t seem worth the effort of creating a bug report that will be closed with not reproducible.

Yes, I see this occasionally.

I can confirm that the IDE stopped responding to typing directly after a debug run. Just happened to me now.