Anyone deploy web app cgi to Godaddy?

Has anyone successfully deployed a web app cgi to Godaddy? I put together a test web app with just a button and a textfield. Built it for Linix. Uploaded it with Filezilla (binary) and keep getting 500 internal server error. The server log shows internal errors with the Xojo cgi file. I have a test cgi file designed to output environment variables as a testing cgi and it executes OK. I’m stuck with Godaddy as the host and in an area I have little knowledge.

Log Errors

  1. can’t use an undefined value as a symbol reference at webcgitest.cgi line 118.:
  2. cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory:
  3. Failed to find/load Framework library:

Search “GoDaddy” in the forum. There is a full page. It may help.

If you have a shared hosting account you probably won’t get it to work. At one point I was able to get a very tiny Xojo web app working on BlueHost but, in general, shared hosting accounts don’t like an always on application like Xojo. You will be MUCH better served by getting a VPS (virtual private server).

If you are unfamiliar with setting up your own server, I highly recommend using Xojo Cloud or ServerWarp Neither are cheap but it will take a bunch of hassle out of your life.

My sharing host shut down my account without warning three times, each time moving me onto a more expensive plan before they would re-enable my account — so beware.

If you’re too skint for Xojo Cloud then consider setting up a spare PC as a DMZ in your home/office and configure the DNS on your host to point to your home e.g. points to home/office while points to your host.

As anything, do it yourself is most of the time possible, but it requires efforts. When it comes to hosts, it could also be a time consuming and frustrating experience. I did try my first app on a shared hosting back in 2012, but quickly realized I needed more.

I have been with 1701Software aka ServerWarp since 2013 with very little trouble. Basically, upload the cgi, and it works. To me that was the best solution because I operate a dozen or so different domains, and also needed to run php programs. Phillip Zedalis who operates it, is a member of this forum, and as such, has a thorough understanding of Xojo Web programs requirements.

The other option is Xojo Cloud. The most turney solution, if you don’t want to do any uploading. Basically, once you are satisfied the program works, the Xojo IDE takes care of everything. If I am not mistaken, though, they only support one domain name, and there is no php support. But for someone who wants to run Xojo Web on a single domain, it should be the luxury ride.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the success that I’ve had running Xojo Web apps, deployed as CGIs, on Media Temple’s Grid shared Web hosting service. ( )

Media Temple is owned by GoDaddy, but is run independently – and I’m sure that Media Temple’s Grid service is different in many ways from GoDaddy’s shared hosting service. In any case, maybe something in that blog post will help.

Thanks guys!