Anyone able to run Xojo IDE under Wine?

When Xojo runs, it crashes with

Unhandled exception: unimplemented function d3d10_1.dll.D3D10StateBlockMaskEnableAll called in 64-bit code (0x000000007bc5b4dc).

I know it’s strange to run when there is a native Linux build. A customer can’t run my app nor, as a test, the Xojo IDE under Wine 3.0 so I’m just trying to narrow down the problem.

That exception seems to indicate that Wine doesn’t implement a method that the IDE needs to run.

… I had that feeling. So then it’s up to Wine to implement it and nothing I or Xojo can do.

The explanation on their website is that they’re translating calls from one platform to the other on the fly, which would seem to indicate that this call was missed.

Perhaps filing a bug at