Anynone know how to get better video from Movie Player?

Does anyone know how I can get better video out of movieplayer on linux arm ?, I’m able to play video but at very low resolution (640x480), anything much above this and the video is stuttering and cant keep up with the audio.

Ive tried different resolutions and overclocked the Pi with no improvement, any ideas ?

Get faster Board.

Thats the only thing that does anything.

Raspberry Pi 4, with good amount of RAM or, something like Orange Pi 5 if you want it really fast. (The later one you can boot from NVMe drive which eliminates the turtle slow SD cards).

Most boards are just what they are, cheap, low power consumption, with not much computing power.

this came in mind
video format / hardware decoding
micro sd card speed
enough RAM
movieplayer → use something else

you not told us which Pi u are using.

I’m using a raspberry pi 4 4gb, I’ve also tried increasing gpu memory setting to max with no improvement

On Raspberry Pi you may need to buy codes from Raspberry PI organization to enable hardware decoding.

Note I have no experience with this so cannot tell you how good or bad choice that is.

You will of course always be limited by the speed of the SD card. But choosing good SD card with large data throughput rating then you can reduce that a bit. Though SD card is never a speed monster even if using the very best one.

Here is also article on how to enable hardware decoding on Raspberry:

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your codecs link looks dubious


It links to from as soon as you want to download software from what you call “Official”.

Their both the official, one is for the software.


Leaving it to a lot of guessing is not going to give you good answers.

What board do you have? What linux version? What player? What video format?..

Thanks to all for your replies, I thing Björn Eiríksson is correct, you need to buy something to enable hardware decoding, I will have to make-do without the hardware decoding I think.

Hi Steve,

Is the video being played in Xojo or in the native movie player on the Raspberry Pi? I filed a bug about this issue many years ago.

Use the shell command in Xojo to use the native movie player. Playing a movie in Xojo has lots of studdering of the movie.

Warm regards


Hi Eugene, I’m a new user of Xojo so I used the movieplayer widget from the xojo toolbox, is there another way to do it via shell script or something ?

Hi Steve,

In the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS, VLC Player is installed with the operating system.

If you have a h264 video to view, here is the shell code to play it:

  //Use Raspberry Pi Shell to show a video
  Var s as Shell
  s = New Shell
  //Play the video
  s.Execute("vlc /home/pi/Desktop/cam.h264")

If this doesn’t work, you will need a hack to run VLC: (Special thanks to @Rick_A )

sudo sed -i 's/geteuid/getppid/' /usr/bin/vlc

If you log into the system as a regular user, I guess VLC will run without issues.
The hack is for letting the root user run it.