Anybody Experiencing Menu/Submenu display problems?

I am on 2022 R4. Im having an issue with clicking on a submenu. As shown in the picture below, the submenu does not display properly, it uses scrolling to display the submenu. Im on Mac M1 Ventura. Here’s a picture.

It is possible I have a problem with the latest version because of changes I made in the bootstrap file. Before I go tearing it apart, I thought I would just see if this is a XOJO problem for everyone else.

There is a bug:

Ok that saves me some time of having to track it down in my bootstrap. Thank you.

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There is a temporary workaround inside that Issue in the meantime. Sorry about that :pray:t2:

No worries. Im not live or anything so Im not worried. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t mess something up in my bootstrap because I was tinkering around with menu spacing and font sizes in the past. Thought maybe my old tinkering come back to bite me.

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