Any way to handle passkey with Xojo?

A new technology is available on many platforms to avoid password. it’s called passkey. Any way to handle it in Xojo?

Not sure if there is a third-party Xojo library already implementing this, but at least there is a feature request.

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You may just store your credentials in the keychain and then set accessible flag to require passcode.

See KeychainManagerMBS

We may add OS specific passkey functions in future to the plugins if there is an interest.

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Sounds great, I believe the interest will be hot as it’s the future of passwords. Google already enabled it for most services.

agreed! +1

You may store user name, password and passkey in an encrypted sqlite database and at the start of your program ask user either to enter username and password or passkey. Passkey is convenient as usually you have to remember 4 digits but is not secure as you only have 9999 combinations while in password you may use unlimited number of characters that may be numbers, characters or special symbols so combinations are endless and the security high…!!!

No, I’m pretty sure Patrice means this: What are Passkeys? | 1Password