Any way to allow webcam and mic to be used in HTMLViewer?

I’m using HTMLViewer and trying to launch a video chat. Is there any way to get it to auto accept webcam and mic access request from the site? Or at least to show the request as it would appear in a browser? I realize the control is not a full-fledged browser since it doesn’t provide the “chrome” and other UI bits that would make it so but hoping someone knows how to do this.

Not with the built-in HTMLViewer. I have a Feedback Case requesting this.

@Christian_Schmitz might have it in MBS.

MacOS? Windows? Linux?

We have some things for WebKit 2 in WebView2ControlMBS control.

Somehow I missed WebView2ControlMBS when looking in my Library, this is almost perfect. All I really need is Windows for this.

Is there an equivalent method to HTMLViewer’s NewWindow event? I’d like to capture new window requests and redirect them to another “tab” within the app.

Also is there a way to preserve cookies / local storage? Looks like it’s losing login between logins (HTMLViewer somehow keeps logins between launches without any additional work). I’m not seeing any references to cookies or storage in the docs.

First, I linked wrong control:

And the CreateWebView(URL as String, request as NSURLRequestMBS) as Variant event allows to open a new browser window on macOS.

Well the one you sent works pretty much perfectly except it opens a new window when the site starts the video call. Is there a CreateWebView equivalent for WebView2ControlMBS on windows? I don’t see that exact one (which I understand is for the Mac version) in the list. image

Actually looks like the site only does that on a test call. The real ones are in the same window, so no need to change that (though it would be good to know if it’s possible).

It’d be really nice to be able to keep login info between launches of the app however. Looks like cookies are lost after relaunching.

I may add a new event there for new window for next pr.