Any smart ideas

I would like to create a simple scrolling area on a WE web page. The area would contain text only and I would prefer to use the styles already used in the web page.

The area would only be 3-4 lines high but the text might be 1 to 20 lines.

I have thought of textareas however scrolling the area is the trick. Canvas doesn’t allow me to easily use the styles already defined on the site.

Any ideas on ways of doing this?


I may be misunderstanding your requirements but doesn’t the ContainerControlExample file located in the Web Examples that ship with Xojo do what you want? It has a License Agreement set in a scrolling area.

it would be perfect if it scrolled itself. The example is just a textfield.

I also may not be understanding your question, but it feels like a WebContainer ought to work. You can put what you want on it and then scroll it yourself using WebContainer.ScrollTo.