Any Servoy developers/migrators[from] here?

I am currently a Servoy developer (please don’t hate me :wink: ) and was thinking Xojo might be good for some smaller (i.e. cheaper) projects for some clients compared to Servoy.
Just wondering if there are any other current/ex Servoy developers on here that use Xojo for creating multi-user database solutions & can comment on how easy that is in comparison to Servoy (or any other comments on comparing the two)??

Hi Rafi,

I am also a Servoy developer since svy v2.0. We have developed a big ERP solution with Servoy. Primarily we use svy Smart-Client in this solution.

Until today I used Xojo only for very simple things. For example, as a StartApp for the svy Smart-Client on macOS. I’ve been thinking about getting deeper into Xojo for a long time. The possibility to create native desktop apps for macOS and Win has its charm for me. Unfortunately I never found the time to start a “real” project with Xojo until today.

Feel free to contact me via pm for more info.

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