Any point in feedback reports for Web?

The reason I ask is that with Web 2.0 being a rewrite what value have any reports for web 1.0? It takes time & effort to write up a usable feedback request with an example.

1.0 is still going to be around for a while, even after 2.0 ships. I would certainly think that bugs need to be reported and fixed.

Not likely
XDC 2018 & 2019 notes say Web 2.0 is a complete replacement and there will but no going back
I doubt you will be able to create new Web 1.0 projects once it ships
I strongly suspect you’ll have to use an old IDE to continue using Web 1.0


That’s my thinking too.

What? :frowning: That for new projects, it is necessary to use the new web framework, OK. But we also sometimes have huge projects with the current framework that will take a long time to evolve. Not to mention that the new framework will probably take at least a year to reach a certain stability. It would be a real shame if we could no longer benefit from EDI developments and language improvements for all these projects.

Translated with

Read both of those posts
I doubt you will be able to continue working on a Web 1.0 project in whatever version releases Web 2.0 based on the comments that have been made
But you’d have to read those posts

@Greg O’Lone could chime in and correct me if this impression is wrong

Or @Travis Hill or @Geoff Perlman

Anyway, thank you for these thoughts, Norman.

Norman is correct. Once Web 2.0 is released, IDEs will only be able to convert older projects to the new format.

Coming up on three years for this Web 1.0 bug:
45691 - WebLabel with Font Styles Underline does not show Underline in Browser

I don’t care if it’s fixed or not anymore. I gave up hoping.