Any offset for right alignment of a weblistbox column?

Hi all,

It is straight forward to set:

me.ColumnStyle(1) = StyleListBoxRightAlign

however, if the column is the last column in the web listbox, the last one and a half characters (in my case are the decimal places) are covered by the vertical scrolling bar. Is there any method to deal with this, something like “offset” from the right?

Language reference:

ListBox.CellAlignmentOffset Property (As Integer)

aListBox.CellAlignmentOffset( Row as Integer, Column as Integer ) = newIntegerValue
IntegerValue = aListBox.CellAlignmentOffset(Row as Integer, Column as Integer)

The value is the distance in points from the right edge of the cell. Row and Column are zero-based.

This property overrides ColumnAlignmentOffset for that cell.

This example is appled to a column that is right-aligned and moves the contents of a cell 10 points to the left.
Me.CellAlignmentOffset(1, 3) = -10

For WebList also?

Sorry - old eyes. I missed the category. Seems to be happening more often than not these days :frowning:

I’m not seeing the problem here with weblistbox rightmost column and decimals. I had hoped right padding would do what you want but it doesn’t appear to apply in a weblistbox.