Any information on FTP error code 56 Needed.

I am getting an FTP error code 56 which means network data not received when I am downloading a file from a website. It actually is reading the website and getting the file, but the file is almost double the size it should be. I am on Mac and my firewall is turned off. Any help would be appreciated or any information on FTP Error code 56. Thanks

FTP status codes are always 3 digits. Where are you seeing 56?

Google “FTP CODE 56” and you will get 100’s of hits… its not an “FTP RESPONSE CODE”…

its from the MBS Curl plug in. The error code is 56 instead of 056. The name of the error is URLE_RECV_ERROR.

That’s not a FTP error code… Either a socket error code or something related to cURL… Just did a quick web search using the error message and it looks to be cURL related (something about the connection being closed)

Maybe You check messsages in DebugData property?