Any idea?

Do you have an idea for a control? Need something to make your project easier?
Not that I think I can do everything and I know WebSDK well, but I’m bored and have nothing to do so I’d love to do something useful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Develop an application that serves as a prototype for the rest.

Make sure to use full use of object orientation and reusability.

…. + 1

a websdk to display openstreet maps
a websdk to edit html or styled or markdown text
a websdk to edit tables
a websdk to display and edit an invoice

a websdk control that utilizes Leaflet.js for displaying maps.

Many Many years ago, some users were asking for a proper “working…” screen, you know, when the end user click a buton or ANY other thing that fires an action and a screen shows to avoid any other event AND let the user know the action was fired (this must be done client side).

Unfortunatelly xojo misunderstood and “implemented” the automatically disable the buttons.

Can this screen be made on the web sdk (intercepting the events of the other contros client side)?

I did basic functions like adding markers and handling their click. The example can be downloaded. If you need any other features or found a bug please write here.
I wish you lots of fun :slight_smile:


Thanks Artur!
This basically made Web Map Viewer in Xojo Web 2.0 usable again!
And since it is made using Leaflet, many wonderful extensions can be made from this SDK.

Thanks again!

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